Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Winter

Ben & me at the JDRF walk in Raleigh
I am not particularly impressed by the cold weather we are experiencing. The other day I ran in the cold rain. It was not easy getting out the door but I am reminded that I am running not only for myself but also for Ben. It makes it easier to get out there when I have someone else counting on me. Donations are slow to come in and since the holidays are approaching it is getting even harder to raise funds. I will start another push after the turn of the new year. Either way I am doing my best to stay conditioned. Its so... cold...

Friday, November 26, 2010

New York State of Mind

I put my name in the lottery for the New York City Marathon for November 2011. I dont know if I will get in, but it's the first step. If I get turned down three years in a row I am guarenteed a spot on the 4th try. Wish me luck!!

NYC Marathon

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

I ran in the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon (13.1 miles) on October 24th 2010 and finished in 2:29:53. (2:32:07 was gun time, not chip time) I was happy to make my time in under 2:30:00. It was a flat course which was nice! At one point I ran over a bridge that is next to the airport and had a HUGE airplane fly over my head which was amazing because it was flying so low. Running down Ocean Blvd. was a highlight and finishing up on the boardwalk was a nice treat. The medal was insane! I'll be back again next year!

Patriot Run

I ran in the ECU 5 Mile Patriot run on November 20th. I finished in 52:41 and did a cartwheel over the finish line! I was excited to pass people on hills! That's how I know I am getting stronger! Thanks Rod for supporting me and taking lots of great pictures!


So I was talked into running the Shamrock Marathon on March 20th, 2011. I want to now use this blog as a training blog to keep everyone (who cares) updated on how the training is going. While I train I am raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and I am looking for sponsors.

If you would like to help, you can donate at Or go to and type in Jamie Connerton as the participant name.

I am working hard to put in the miles and will post pictures from the last couple of races I have completed!