Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello Greenville

Greenville has been good to me. I still have not met my next door neighbor who - I heard through the wall - doesnt like dogs. I have been doing a good job at keeping Justus quiet so maybe that will change her mind. Oh well, Im not here to impress her anyway.

Justus and I went to the dog park again tonight which just so happens to be located at the beginning of the South Tar River Greenway. Its only about 2 miles out and back so it is a short, but a good start. We have to run by one house that has at least 3 dogs and two of which look like Great Danes. Lets just say that Justus is not very impressed with their obnoxious behavior. Justus would rather run in the street than on the sidewalk by their fence. I cant really blame him.

So I told Justus that I will buy him a Happy Meal if he can find me a cute guy. Justus has been trying but I have not approved of anyone just yet. On Tuesday we went for a run and then hung out at the dog park. Justus walked up to this super cute guy and the guy didnt even bat an eye at Justus. And let me tell ya, Justus TRIED! He was sniffing the guy and the guy was all acting like he had somewhere else better to be. We got home and I gave Justus a biscuit and told him nice try. It wasnt his fault after all.

Tonight at the park I said hello to a few people as we ran and they said things like "Beautiful dog!" or "Nice animal" and the whole time Im like "Yeah, what about me??" Although I suppose if they said "Beautiful Girl" or "Nice bod" I would yell back something rude. Oh well....

So here I type tonight with my little Justus under my feet at the computer desk. This whole living in the same 400 square feet has made us even better friends, regardless of the man candy that he cant find for me :-)

-Runner Girl

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So i am finally moved into my apartment in Greenville. I am struggling with finding a place to run. There are plenty of roads, but very few of them I would classify as being safe to run on. Yesterday Justus and I found a dog park which also has a green way. The path is about a mile long so it isnt long enough but it is at least a start. I may travel home to train a bit.

Im living a simple life and enjoying it very much. I have not started classes or work yet so I have lots of time to relax and enjoy life. I just started a fitness program called P90X and boy is it kicking my butt! Im on day 3 of 90 and im in lots of pain already!

I enjoy being able to put a lot of focus on my training. This week I am putting in my application to teach gymnastics at a local training center. Wish me luck!

-Runner Girl