Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My 1st 20 Miler

On Sunday I had the brilliant idea to finally run 20 miles. My original goal was 16, then I thought why not 18 now and then 2 later with Justus for a total of 20. (They magic number is 20 when training for a marathon, so I'm told) Then I said, ya know, why not knock it all out NOW for fun?

I met GoRun at 5am and ran an 8 mile loop with Gina and Megan. Then I ran the loop again by myself and then I ran around Arlington Blvd until I picked up my extra milage. I must admit that while it was difficult, it was very rewarding to see those miles just peel off like that. I had to stick with my "Run 1 mile, walk 1/2 mile" which felt like it took forever, but my knee seemed to think it was alright. In total I tan 20.02 miles in 4 hours and 16 minutes flat. Yes, that's correct: 4 hours. I even have picture proof.

This gave me confidence that I will be able to finish my marathon (in 16 days) in a time of about 5.5 hours. Monday I was sore as could be but I still managed to walk a mile. Tuesday I walked another mile with mild discomfort. Today Im feeling pretty good, minor aches and pains but no time to hit the pavement before going to work. Maybe I can hit the stationary bike tonight.

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