Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I Just Keep On Chasing Pavement...."

(I love that song...)

I am happy to say that last week I officially hit 30 miles! Now, granted this is where I should have been a while ago but I am giving myself somewhat of a break considering my knee.

Today was different. I should be at 20 miles for a long run but instead I was able to get 12.10 miles by running and walking. It took just over 2.5 hours which I am not proud of, but the mileage is there either way. Later, I took Justus to the dog park and then we walked another 2.40 miles so I have a total of 14.50 miles on my feet today. I have plans to hit the stationary bike once I post this. My knee gave me a little trouble today and I am incredibly frustrated with it. I look forward to getting this race over with so I can start over and add mileage the RIGHT way. Im sure if I look in my running logs I will find that I did too much too soon. I guess that's what happens when you procrastinate: shit gets deep and you gotta catch up to the competition. Oh well - lesson learned.

On the way home from the park Justus and I stopped at Starbucks. He rode shotgun which looked so goofy.  The day concluded with a cheap download of The Social Network soundtrack and an iced caramel macchiato. The girl at Starbucks messed up my drink the first time by making a latte instead of an iced drink. So I ended up getting two drinks for the price of one. And would you beleive I didnt finish either one? Too much sugar and I was starting to feel sick. I didnt feel bad with what I drank because I torched nearly 1500 calories in running.

Alright, thats enough for now - Gotta hit the bike!

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