Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day 5k

I am on the far left in pink.

Tyler and I started dating in January and on February 12th we ran our first 5k together. He's a fast runner and has been running for just over 3 times longer than I have been (and has lots of natural ability) and it was so much fun getting to do a race together. We finished in a time of 29:02, but I honestly think that my official time is closer to 28:59 because of the chip timing. Either way it is yet another PR for me and Im very proud of it. I even got a flower at the end :-) We placed 10th (of 30) in the couples race. I placed 103rd (of 281) overall, and 22nd (of 76) in my age group (ages 20-29).

We ran a great race together!

I am still dealing with pain in my left knee and I hope it can get sorted out before the marathon. This is getting to be a mental game and it's frustrating.

In fundraising terms I am doing well but far behind my goal of raising $2,000.00. I am around $400.00 and so I have a ways to go. My friend Natalie Norris sells Pampered Chef and has set up a fundraiser that will give 20% of total sales to Ben's Marathon. I am thankful to be surrounded by such nice people :-)

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